Financial Tips for Your Business

british gas customer servicesA business can be successful if you invest a lot of time and passion into it. However, even if you got a great start with your business, you need to make sure that it stays at the top. For this, you’ll have to do more than just work all day long and provide merchandise or services for your customers.

The financial area of a business is crucial, because if you lose control over it, you have big chances of losing control over your business. There are some factors that you have to take into consideration in this domain, so it’s important to organize your finances for your best interest.

Revising Your Budget

At least once a year, you need to review your budget. You can do it at the beginning of the financial exercise, but you should get ready for it in time. The income and expenditure are imperative, and a pattern can tell you a lot about your activity. It’s vital to determine what you can cut the spending, or what you can improve to make the money work to your advantage.

Clearing Bad Debts

When you take credit, you need to pay your rates at the due time. If you don’t afford to pay everything, you’ll remain with a bad credit history. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you cover all your debts, no matter where they are. Pay the rate that you owe to the bank and cover all the credits.

No Papers

There are cloud-based business tools along with mobile apps that can allow you to stop using papers and physical documents. It’s very easy to organize everything on different digital platforms, and this can enable you to keep your records tighter and more efficient.

Your Business Account

With a business account, you can keep track of everything that comes and goes regarding income and expenditure. It’s very easy to open a business account, and in just a few days you’ll be able to operate it.

The Bookkeeping

With so many apps that are available today, you can get one from a cloud-based system and have your records kept in a perfect organization. It’s important for your activity as you’ll have more free time to do what matters more, and it’s also good for the end of the financial year. The body shop Los Angeles company started to use a cloud-based bookkeeping  system which helps keep all of the records of their customers.

business finances

The Invoices

You can always edit and reformat the invoice templates that you use, and you can always revise the payment terms and the conditions that you have. Adding clear due dates and instructions for payment that are easy to follow is a necessity if you want to find them easier.

The Insurance

Every business, even a business that sells living room furniture San Diego CA  needs to have insurance for its activities, so if the scope and nature of your activities have changed during the last year, it’s better to review it. Make sure the insurance still covers the public and product liability that are adamant about running the business. 

Financial Targets

When you start a new year, it’s better to set new financial goals and objectives. You can reach your goals easier if you make plans for short term and long term. Once the period is over, evaluate what you’ve managed to complete and review your activity. It will keep you engaged in prospering more than you can think.

Capitalism vs The Legal System

Everyone has heard of capitalism, but do you understand what it is? The capitalism is an economic environment that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the fact that they operate for profit. 


The same as for the free market, the capitalism is based on supply and demand as the main factors of price and production of goods and services. For the capitalism, the key features are represented by the competition between owners and companies, private ownerships and motivation to generate the profit. Because of this, the production and the pricing of the goods and services are determined by the free market – the supply and demand.


To better understand this, the free market is that economic system that is based only on demand and supply, and there are little or no government rules and regulations. Because of this, in this type of system, the buyer and the seller make the transaction freely only when they agree voluntarily on the price of the good or the service.

Because the capitalism is actually a better version of the free market, it is also focused on creating wealth and ownership of capital and different factors of production, while the free market is based on exchanging wealth or services or goods. The free market leads to free competition in the economic system, without having other interventions from outside forces. Because of this, there can appear private owners in the capitalism that can have a monopoly on a particular segment of the market and prevent free competition.

The Legal System

Max Weber – a famous political economist and sociologist – said that the general operation of the market demands a high degree of calculability, which in turn, requires legal rationality. The rationality that he talked about is provided by the development of formal law and the rational administration of justice.

Everything that he said so long time ago was adopted by almost every country that developed, and in today’s capitalist system, the government has only a moderate interference with the market. The government cannot forbid having private property for anyone or prevent people from working where they please. Also, the government cannot prevent firms to determine the wages that they pay and the prices that they charge for the products that they make.

However, many countries have laws that state the minimum wage and minimum safety standards. It’s something that it’s set in place to ensure that people can have the chance to live better and earn a minimum sum of money that allows them to live decently.

In some capitalism versions, the laws state that the government has different economic functions, like enforcing private contracts or supervising public utilities, even if these are subcontracted to private firms.

Many countries need to respect various laws, like personal injury lawyers, issued for regulating the competition, and these prohibit monopolies and various cartels from forming. Because there is always the possibility to have a large corporation form a near-monopoly in different sectors of the market, it’s possible to see a drop in prices in that area and they can also accept losses to prevent others from entering the market.

At, you will find all the information that you need about capitalism and the legal system, but before checking that out, here are some interesting facts that you’d like to know.

The Gold Market Capitalists That Invest and Sell Gold

invest in goldThere are many people who have gold jewelry at home, and these jewelry are not wearable some of the times. If you happen to have such gold items at home and you’d like to transform them into money, you can sell them off and gain at least a portion of the money you have initially invested.

The thing is that if you sell used gold and you know where to sell gold, you will get just a portion of the scrap value, so don’t expect to get the money for the real value of the gold – also known as the market value. Those who buy your gold will usually melt it and make new jewelry out of it, so they won’t pay anything for the style of your jewelry or the artisanship, unless the jewelry is in a very good condition and you sell it to a pawn shop.

This being the general rule, the buyers usually have to pay a second person – the smelter – the person who melts the gold and it’s usually about 30% from the value of the item to refine that precious metal. The rest is the profit of the buyer, so it’s important for them to buy the item at a very small price so that they could make a higher profit.

Here are some tips about this and where you can sell gold.

The Mail-Away Selling Operations

There are different companies that operate through the mail. They offer heavily advertising with seductive money and a specific lure for drawing in thousands of eager sellers. All you have to do is mail in the gold items that you have and they will mail you a check.

The thing with these companies is that they offer a very easy system, because they will send you a prepaid envelope and all you have to do is place inside the gold items that you have. They also mail you a check that has an itemized receipt, promising you that they will return the gold jewelry if you are not satisfied with the price.

The Jewelry Shops

These are the places that everyone knows about and you won’t have a hard time finding a jewelry store. They are usually available to buy old gold items, as they make a very good profit out of this without paying for intermediary services.

Killino said these are the best to go to because they are willing to pay up to 70% of the gold value. If you have a particular item, like a finely crafted jewelry and if it is in good condition, you will get more money out of it because they won’t use the thing for making new jewelry, but they will sell it exactly as it is.

The Pawn Shop

This is another place that you can look for if you want to sell your gold. Of course, they also have the option to hock the item instead of selling it, but you’ll have to give back more money than you have taken on the item.

They work with one item at a time, and they will test your gold for authenticity. If the item that you want to sell is nicely crafted, or if it’s from a limited series or unique, you will get a better price than the rest of your items.

Hassle Free Moving Starts With Proper Packing

There are many things to consider in packing effectively and efficiently. You’d want to do it as easy as possible. One way of making it easier is creating a space, literally.

At your current office space, make a spacious packing station. A nice and open space will be wide enough to drag and drop all stuff and speed up the process of packing. This is where the boxes, packing materials, pens, labels and tape will be found ready and near. Think of it as a “I’m getting stuff done” area.

Label System

labelWhen packing each box and sealing it up, have a naming system in place. Others prefer numbers, some like alphabets or a combination of both. It is up to you. Make a description too of labeling per room or departments and the contents in a separate paper or excel sheet. Provide the moving company a similar copy.

In doing this, accounting for the boxes from the place of origin to its new destination will be faster. You will know right away which box is missing and how important the contents are so you can decide to look for it as an urgent task. You can also tell the movers this information so you can be across the same page and they can take note of the important boxes. Not only that, they can handle specific boxes with more care as they contain fragile or breakable items.

No Air

When you start packing, make sure that you wrap each one properly but without too much air. Don’t pack air as they will add to weight and use up unnecessary space. Just use enough layers of wrapping sheets. Other may want to use bubble wraps or clothes. If it needs to be packed upright, do so.

Getting as many items as possible in each box will cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need. Any savings on boxes will save up on the required truck space and savings on your spending. Obviously, the lesser the boxes the better. This is good both for managing the inventory and the cost.

Extreme Care

fragilePlace each item inside the boxes with extreme care so as to avoid damage. Consider as well that the boxes will be moved atop one another so arrange with the heavy solid ones at the bottom going for the breakables on top or in separate spaces to be safe. Always make sure to see if the water heaters need repair. Fragile and breakable items require attention and care. They should all be labeled properly and a discussion with the moving company be done beforehand.

These boxes may require more layers of bubble wraps and sheets. Ask from Abreu Movers NYC if these will be charged against your bill. If so, look for alternatives like crumpled papers or rags instead. Prevent leaking by enclosing caps on bottles, ink cartridges, and other materials with enclosed liquid in its container by wrapping a saran over it. Discuss these details too with the moving service provider and make sure it’s regulated with an AS9100 certification.

Using Space

Heavy items like books, manuals, hardware should go in small boxes. Packing them tightly will be easy as they look like interlocking pieces with corners. Still, over packing is not advised as they may get out of shape and break in the process of moving. Bulky ones are more likely to create bumps in its shape and when squeezed together with the rest of the boxes may get damaged.

Empty spaces inside boxes or cartons can be filled with newspapers and crushed papers or shredded ones to ensure they are packed enough.  When put atop one another, they may crush under extreme weight.

Buy Bitcoins in Australia: Reduce Risk?

The price of Bitcoin has been soaring for the past week despite the currency currently facing strong resistance. This saw it hit $420 even as sideways market movement was recorded. However, despite the prolonged upward trend, analysts are convinced that bitcoin will face some form of setback at around $421 with the price expected to retreat bullish momentum.

In the week running from 4th March to 11 March 2016, market participants traded in excess of 35m BTC which was a rise from the 28m BTC that was traded in the previous week. This could be due to the fact that the Bitcoin is deemed a regular currency now in Australia.

Capacity Concerns

Due to the high number of transactions and the limitations in block chain capacities, bitcoin was seen to experience some volatility as debates continued to rage on whether the network was facing capacity issues. It was reported that a majority of data blocks recorded full capacity with transactions in the last week with the week recording an increase in customer complaints. This is possibly the reason why Bitcoin plunged to $393.18 on 5th March before recovering to hit $420 six days later (11th March).

Buying Bitcoin in Australia & Factors Affecting Price

Bitcoin is widely regarded as one of the most competitive cryptocurrencies (see details) to date having been formed in 2008. The key reason behind its rise to dominance was that the world was (and still is) becoming increasingly digital. Besides, the currency is considered far cheaper and faster to process. However, buying locally will still reduce certain risks. For example, if you live in Australia, you can reduce risks by buying bitcoins from an Australian bitcoin company (like this one).

With more customers getting comfortable with bitcoin, various businesses across the world have now embraced the currency as another mode of transactions. However, a few hitches being experienced with this digital currency are hindering it from becoming fully accepted across different quotas.

For one, there has been a persistent concern regarding block chains and their ability to accommodate a high number of transactions. Currently, these blocks are limited to 1MB worth of transactions at a time which is why they fail to perform when transactions surge. This is the exact situation that was seen in the past week when most blocks recorded full capacities causing to an increase in customer complaints possibly due to transactions delays and failures.

Another factor that seems to be affecting the rate of adoption of the bitcoin is the perception that high fees are needed for users to carry out transactions. This means that a lot of customers and buyers are afraid of trying out this form of currency despite there being no factual basis for these claims.

On a More Positive Note For Buying Bitcoin In Australia

European Central Bank (Frankfurt)

Following the recent bold move by the European Central Bank (EBC) to improve on its monthly asset purchases in 2016 while still maintaining the same interest rates, the price of bitcoin is projected to get a boost (read more). This decision by ECB was aimed at improving the European equities as well as the Euro. To investors, this move coupled with the decision to reduce interest rates imposed on deposits to -0.4 percent, will significantly improve the credit conditions for businesses as well as consumers. With improved credit conditions, more businesses and consumers might want to try out digital transactions. In a nutshell, the move by ECB is expected to facilitate higher bitcoin price.

Why Bitcoin (And Other Forms of Digital Currency) Are Here to Stay

Bank of England (London)

Recently, the Bank of England announced that it is readying itself for digital currency and could even begin issuing its form of “bitcoin” sooner than later. According to various reports, the bank has commissioned several university researchers in London to help it formulate a secure digital currency that can fully be controlled by central banks. The digital currency, which will be known as RSCoin (check source), is expected to resemble Bitcoin in the way it functions with the only key difference being that the central bank will be able to monitor its transactions. RSCoin will also utilize Blockchain in all of its transactions.

This development is expected to encourage more research on digital currencies which have faced a lot of resistance since they first came into use. Most authorities and governments worldwide decry that they lack complete control over these forms of currency which results in lost revenues and could even encourage vices such as money laundering. An increased acceptability rate for the digital currency will mean more transactions and possibly better prices.


Having seen bitcoin price rising for the past week to reach $420, financial analysts are hopeful that the upward trend will be maintained for the better part of this year. Of course, there will be several obstacles to be faced along the way as seen in this post. However, there are a few positives to celebrate about as seen with the announcement by the Bank of England that it will be formulating its own digital currency. Such a move will help legitimize digital currencies and hopefully encourage other central banks to follow the same route. In the end, it will be good news for everyone including investors and consumers.

Business Travel 101: On Planning


Taking a business travel entails its own required planning. To plan not only for the purpose of the travel itself but to make sure you do not exceed on expenses as well. More so, if the travel has to be done internationally details have to be ironed out even prior to your flying out.

Be it for a company exhibit or an export trip to China, be prepared for travel and realize the need for both time and money. A city or country may be fit to conduct business but proper planning and doing advance research will make you reap the full reward of the business travel.

With a couple of steps to help create a more efficient, productive and cost-effective trip the information will make you take advantage and full potential of the business opportunity.

Be Clear On The Objectives

Take a hard look on the goal. What is it you want to achieve? Take time to sit down and list the objectives of the outcomes. Will it be for new business partnerships, establishing a new branch or location, or attracting a new market.

Tying up the objectives with the goal will make you plan what’s in between and what needs to happen. Everything will be easier to establish around achieving the goal. The travel outcome will be the proof of success.

A series of meetings in your target country will involve attending and presenting to already contacted and researched prospective clients. This will have an objective of securing contracts or sale of your products.

You have to think about your objectives and do an in-depth research if it’s to determine if a new market is your objective. Evaluating the competition and examining whether the current product is suitable for a different local consumer. The means in achieving these objectives then is to travel abroad or to a different state.

Preparation Is Half The Battle

If it’s location, location, location for all marketers doing international business is all preparation, preparation and more preparation. The business edge will be yours if you have prepared the most and have studied your prospects very well. Doing due diligence is your homework. Not researching well will be a big mistake, and a costly one too if it requires international travel.

The best approach will always be on being armed with all that will impress the clients. Sufficiently knowing more than enough will spell good for the opportunity. Part of studying the foreign country, its foreign culture and the personalities involved are just the basics. There is a lot more factors involved that is linked to the opportunity.

Time And Resources Are To Be Managed Well

By being efficient and frugal with both time and resources is being efficient. Determine if financial assistance is needed. Business travel is costly. Particularly for SMEs they usually have tight budgets. It should never be about travel for travel’s sake.

Travel is broadening your horizon. Time away from your business when you are starting up should be undertaken when there is no more good alternative.  

Bookkeeping Helps Manage Your Finances & Investments Efficiently

Finance is simply defined by eztrade  as “the money or other liquid resources of a government, business, group, or individual.” It pertains to money-related matters and how money is being managed, used, or saved by the entities being financed.

Finance strategies is almost always associated with bookkeeping that’s why the two must be synchronized in working together to provide the result expected from a business.

A bookkeeper would be your staff or personnel that will record all the daily business transactions in a daybook. This is done by recording the purchases, receipts, and sales in a day-to-day basis.

Aside from the daybook, a bookkeeper must also accomplish the customer ledger, supplier ledger, and the general ledger. This is where the designated accountant would get the information needed when making reports on financial transactions.


Advantages of Having Efficient Bookkeeping

  • It allows you access to any valuable information quickly when the need calls for it. The bookkeeping service provides you with organized and comprehensive records of all your business’ financial transactions in the respective ledgers, books and journals.
  • It produces the trial balance report for your accountant’s work of making the “income statement” and the “balance sheet”. Its work is to keep your accountant updated.
  • It gives you enough time to make better business plans; having a bookkeeper in sight can distract you. Outsourced bookkeepers are flexible when it comes to calling for meeting. Your time preference is always a priority to allow you to attend to important business demands.
  • It saves you money. You don’t need to set up a computer; eliminate all those expenses that come with the need for an employee to do the bookkeeping.
  • It can customize reports for you to make business plans, use finances effectively, and compare your business performances in the past so that you can make better plans that would take your success to the next level.
  • It helps relieve stress. A starting business owner may be stressed with a lot of things working in mind. The worries and anxiety brought about by debts and finances, anticipation to get good profit, and getting shoddy products may all combine to bring unwanted stress in full force. An updated bookkeeping can shut down all portals of stress and open bright business opportunities.
  • It provides effective accountability. Everyone including suppliers, customers, vendors and other people in the books can be held accountable. They cannot hide unscrupulous activities from a good bookkeeping service provider.

Anyone can do well in arts and designs, be a great photographer, or be the most popular actress in the city but bookkeeping is only for the experts in it. The goal of every business is to be on top of the competition. You can only do that by focusing on business matters that you are good at. Get a systematic boekhouder Rotterdam as soon as possible to manage your daily business’ purchases, payments, receipts, journals and all the books connected with the work.


Start your living facility for seniors and provide the best support

136704-416x288-senior-care-advocatesSenior advocates are individuals or businesses that do everything in their power to assist seniors with their quality of life. These advocates can help ensure the seniors are being treated fairly by creditors, banks, medical professionals, Duncanville bounce houses hospitals, and living facilities. They can also assist with insurance billing, kitchen renovation and helping patients in their homes.

If you have thought about providing these services, as part of a new business venture, then you may want to take the time to discover some tips for starting your own business.

The first step is to create a list of services that you may want to offer as part of your business. Perform some market research and come up with a list of the services that you think will be most beneficial. A good place to start is by looking at other senior advocates and the types of services that they offer.

Next, you will need to set prices for the services that you intend to offer. As with coming up with a list of services, click here to look at other businesses and examine their pricing. Consider the cost that will go into to providing the service, as well as the amount of time needed. Those should be your two biggest factors in setting the costs of your services – the cost of providing the service and the time spent providing the service.

With your services and pricing determined, it is time for you to write a business plan. Put all of your plans and pricing in writing. Also include any other details about your business.

Write down your goals, both short term and long term, and any information concerning the hiring of employees.
Your business plan should also include a full breakdown of all the costs needed to get your business started. Determine how much it will cost to operate your business for 6 months and what profit you may expect to earn. These numbers will be incredibly important when you get to the next step – obtaining financing.

After you complete your business plan, you will likely need to get financing to get your business off the ground. The first place that you should start is with a local bank. There are other options, but banks will likely have the lowest interest rates. The bank will look at your personal net worth, your business plan, and other factors to determine what risk is involved with offering you a loan for the amount that you require.

If you cannot obtain a loan from the bank, then start looking into private lenders. They will look at the same criteria as the banks, but may be more willing to assume more risk – with higher interest rates.

If you need to hire employees, determine how many employees you will require and what skills they should possess. Decide on a starting pay for your employees. If you hire employees, there will be additional paperwork for taxes, so you may want to consider using a tax professional to help you with the filing of employee taxes.

To get your business started, keep these tips in mind. This is a specialized type of business that requires careful planning. You need to take the time to decide on the services that you will provide and set reasonable prices. After completing a business plan, the next step is financing. Finally, you may also need to hire employees.

Starting your own business can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging and require a lot of hard work. Take your time planning your business, to help increase your chances of success.

If you like to know more about senior advocates, go to for more information.


Five Tips for Success in a Small Business


A business is something that you start out of passion or with the drive to make profit. No matter the reason, and no matter the area that you choose, you need to start small. For a new business owner it’s best that the business is small, easy to administer and easy to control.

You can be successful no matter how small you are. Just think that all those big stocks companies have started the same way – with a small store or a small production facility, or directly at home or in their back yard. Everybody has to start from somewhere, and with the right amount of work, dedication and passion, you can be extremely successful.

Here are some tips that you can always use for you and your business; do this and you will see a big difference in your evolution.

Tip 1 – Collaborate

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a 3d Red And White BusNo matter what you have chosen to do, you are surrounded by people – you work with people and you have to talk to them constantly to keep open the lines of communication. It’s extremely important to collaborate with those around you, no matter who they are – the staff, the customers, the vendors or the suppliers. Once you have good people around you, who know their line of work and who are good at what they do, trust them and trust their knowledge. Don’t just stand there and use the coffee machine rental perth, but communicate with your peers and team. According to Jean Paul, teamwork makes the dream work!.Two or more pairs of eyes are better than one, so trusting them and using their knowledge for the benefit of the business will help you to adapt faster and to provide your customers with better services or products.

Tip 2 – Delegate

When you have started the business, you sure haven’t thought that you will take all the decisions by yourself. This is just a small secret – to delegate some of your tasks to competent people. This is actually why you have chosen your team – to help you and assist you in your daily activity. You don’t have to do everything by yourself – use the people around you and their knowledge and trust them to be able to fulfill what you have given them.

Tip 3 – Involve and have Fun

Mobile-BusinessTo be successful, you need to be involved body and mind in that business, but also involve your employees. Earlier it was said about delegating and trusting the people around you. Because you can’t be everywhere at once, you need to delegate some of your tasks so that you can complete other important tasks. Involve your team in your daily activity – give them something that they are good at and let them feel a part of the business you run and don’t let them play games. You don’t have to be the boss, you have to be the manager, and a good manager knows how to properly motivate and involve the team.

Tip 4 – Choose Life Over Business

Whether you’re an independent store owner or an SEO from Rotterdam or even a Freelance SEO consultant from the United Kingdom ,   this means that your business should be build around your life and not the other way around. You can’t let the business run your life, because you can lose a lot of time. You still need to have time for friends and family – you need to have time for yourself, to live and be happy. Make and build your business with passion, and not just because you need more money or because you’ve seen others do it.

Tip 5 – Get Advice

Businessman Senior Working Interior Modern OfficeIt’s not easy for people to recognize when they lack knowledge or when they are not good enough at something. It’s the same in a business – don’t just wait for things to happen, but get specialized advice when you see you’ve stopped moving forward.  For example, a business consultant, a marketing specialist and other specialized people know what to tell you, when to tell you and how to tell you different things. Don’t be ashamed, because it’s easier and healthier to ask for advice than to lose time and money.

If you want to find out more about what to do with your business, just give us a call at Passion Capitalists and we’ll share our passion for business with you!